I graduated from the Sir JJ School of Applied Arts and started out as a still photographer. After all these years, I'm happy to report I'm still one. I've shot for Harvey Nichols, Chanel, Levi's and a whole host of some of the world's most exciting brands. ( I guess I've been lucky.)

I've always tried to 'push things a bit', give people something they haven't seen before.

Sometimes I've managed to do that. Sometimes I haven't.

Over the past few years or so, I've been pushing myself. I still love stills, but I don't like being static. Cut to London. I'm in a classroom full of kids studying film making. I graduate from the London Film Academy.

I'm moving. I think there is something deeply fulfilling about the whole idea of Locomotion. I'm not too sure where it's all headed, but it feels good. To be a journeyman, to be on the road. Especially when the light's just right.